Does Ellie die in The Last Of Us 2? Spoiler free! Ellie has been an integral part of the game where players experience the life in a pandemic through her story. Watching Joel die before her eyes causes her hearing to go out, as she is unable to hear the WLF's conversation as she cries frantically while threatening them that she will kill them. With no easy way in, Ellie climbs to the top of the wall. At first Joel does not want Ellie to mention Sarah, saying that Ellie is "treading on some mighty thin ice here". [29] The team had her stay close to Joel, to avoid being viewed by players as a burden. Ellie also becomes rather precious to Joel, the man using any means possible to protect her and keep her safe. Just as the fall draws in, the two find Tommy in a dam providing electricity to a revived permanent community. She kills and sneaks her way through abandoned shops until she reaches the residential neighborhood of Hillcrest. Ellie cuts herself free with a shard of fallen glass, grabs her switchblade, races to Jordan and stabs him in the neck, letting him bleed out. They make it to the bridge but, as she is pulled up by Henry over a container, the Humvee once again returns. Alive The girl states that she has "her ways" and introduces herself as Riley. Seeing that she has a lead on Abby's location, she decides to leave immediately to find Nora. Players can browse through Ellie's artifacts while she is playable in. However, their relationship starts off roughly; though Ellie was grateful for Riley's assistance when she is ganged up on by bullies, she is not appreciative of Riley's stealing her Walkman and nor constantly referring to her as a "kid". Eye color It is also on display when the two first arrive at Tommy's town and Ellie is shown to be extremely uncomfortable leaving Joel and going with Maria. Joel and Ellie finally reach Tommy's settlement, where Joel remarks that they can return to a somewhat normal life. wolf. David also tries to keep Ellie alive, but she later kills him. [7], Sometime after returning to the school, Ellie and Riley parted ways after getting into an argument. Before they leave, Marlene gives Ellie a switchblade and tells her that it was her mother's. Female Born He enters, and nudges her chair with his foot to get her attention. Joel coaxes her to leave and forget about the group.[46]. Ellie hopes to find medicine, but to her disappointment, it has been picked clean of any useful supplies. At this point Ellie believed Abby killed Joel because he prevented the world from having a cure for the fungal infection. Six weeks later, she is taken by surprise by the sudden return of Riley, who pretends to be infected and bites her on the neck. 85 Ellie (The Last of Us) HD Wallpapers and Background Images. However, Tess actually believes what Ellie claims, desiring to deliver her as requested. Ellie proceeds to run through an overgrown park, but is soon shot in the shoulder with an arrow. As it starts, it is a recording of NASA's Apollo 11 launch. They find some fresh weed hidden in a jar, and the two decide to smoke and wait out the storm. With no other choice, Ellie and Dina put on their gas masks and flee into an underground, Infected-filled metro. [63], Following the release of Left Behind, Ellie's relationship with Riley was commended by reviewers. When he opens his eyes, Marlene has a gun pointed in his face and shoots. [11] The team also considered Ellie important for marketing; Druckmann said that, when asked to move the image of Ellie from the front of the game's packaging to the back, "everyone at Naughty Dog just flat-out refused". Ellie shows no signs of being affected by the fungus, though her bite does have small fungi growing around the mark. Riley displays a brief moment of defiant bravado, but right afterwards admits she was terrified of turning and cries into Ellie's arms. While encountering multiple Infected in an abandoned tunnel, Joel is trapped in a submerged bus. Moving on, Ellie overhears Riley whistling. A scene in which Ellie and Riley kiss in Left Behind drew social commentary and was commended as a leap for LGBT representation in video games. [65] Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton described Ellie and Riley's kiss as "video gaming's latest breakthrough moment", declaring it "a big deal". Race However, when the bandits attacked the facility, Ellie and Maria were forced to cooperate to survive (since the story was told from Joel's point of view, this section is unclear) but it is known that they took cover and protected each other in the common room office. Ellie is irritable despite Riley's assurances that they will be safe. Ellie calling out enemy location to Joel. Joel replies, "I swear". Crossing the rooftops, they evade another patrol and climb down through the window into the mall. James left to get antibiotics at the group's settlement and reluctantly left David alone with Ellie. The two swim out of the sinking vehicle and up to the surface. A year later, Ellie is on patrol with Tommy, lost in thought about the fact that she is dating her friend Kat while wondering about Joel's possible reaction to that and confused how that is affecting her relationship with Dina. Upon swimming to shore, Ellie breaks into the aquarium to look for Abby. Page said that Naughty Dog had "ripped off" his likeness and that it was "not appreciated", as he was acting in another game, Beyond: Two Souls (2013). Ellie stands proud at having pushed Joel in the water. The player will have the option to “accept” or “reject” the drink, The player, however, will have a choice of three questions and a dismiss option to choose from if they beat Riley, Depending on the player, Ellie can either beat or be beaten by Riley, For an alternate version of these events, see. Praying to herself that Tommy and Joel are okay, Ellie sneaks her way inside the lodge, hearing noises downstairs. She was unable to talk about anything personal with him, the man shutting her out when she brought up matters like Tess and Sam's deaths. Soon after admitting her fear to Sam, he too, joins the list. Furious, Mel draws her knife, forces Ellie against a counter to try and stab her in the throat in retaliation for Owen, but Ellie slips free, overpowers Mel, pushes her to the floor and stabs her in the throat, killing her. Ellie notices a way out but Riley refuses to leave and runs for a gun near one of the men. Ellie continues on and finds Owen Moore's belongings. The two then leave the mall. Joel finds Ellie and looks on as she plays her guitar. Upon reaching the settlement Ellie tells Joel that on the day she was bitten, she was with a friend who also got bitten. Her reflexes are swift enough to dodge multiple attacks at the same time from multiple attackers. Ellie then declares she may never forgive him for what he did, but relents that she wants to at least try. [58] Eurogamer's Oli Welsh felt the characters were developed with "real patience and skill". Riley tries to explain that they were the ones who threw the smoke bombs, but is knocked unconscious by one of the members. Mo-capped by When Ellie refused, Tommy burst out in anger, enraged that Ellie would dare live a comfortable life and allow Abby to live despite what she had done to them, leaving their relationship on sour terms. Winston berates Riley for bringing another friend to the mall, knowing it will only cause him trouble. Once done with Ellie's stitches, Dina tells Ellie that one of Abby's friends, Nora Harris, was assigned to Lakehill Seattle Hospital to find supplies. They head to the top floor and enter Raja's Arcade. Ellie's ex-girlfriend Kat gave her the tattoo after she covered the bite mark with an acid scar so nobody would know that she was bitten.[45]. The two depart from the carousel as Ellie picks and chooses jokes to tell until they come across a photo booth. Ellie is visibly disgusted and is hostile toward David. Ellie wakes up the next day and leaves the dressing room. Ellie once described Marlene as "just a friend, I guess." Riley tries to console her friend by telling her the two options they have to deal with their situation; they could commit suicide, or they could wait out the infection together and fight to stay alive with what time they have left. Alarmed, she turns around and points her gun at the man, but stands down when she sees that Tommy has shown up with Jesse. [7], According to Ellie, at one point in her life, she drove a car.[8]. David eventually finds Ellie at a decayed restaurant, struggling with her as she attempts to escape from his people out the back door and commenting that she is easy to track. At this time, he doesn't notice the machete he dropped is a short distance off. The next day, David and James arrive and pin Ellie down onto the table attempting to slaughter her for food. Ellie is furious, but is later blindfolded and captured, with one of them shocked that Ellie was involved. Both briefly remark that Ellie held her own against the Infected, but Bill still believes Joel will die soon. Ellie also cares greatly for Joel, displayed in how she cares for him while he is injured, just as he has cared for and sheltered her throughout their story. Tommy also mentions that he collected a gold necklace for Maria as an apology gift for worrying her. Ellie returns to the farmhouse and finds it empty. Ignoring the question, Riley asks if Ellie ever thinks about her future. She eventually finds his corpse and a suicide note, revealing he was a former Firefly and came to the museum in the hopes of "finding the light" only to lose all hope that humanity could be saved. As Ellie follows, she stops to imagine what the arcade would have looked like before the infection hit and immediately after before moving on. He is immediately opposed and demands Marlene find someone else. Ellie realizes she's been bitten, and Riley reveals her own bite on her left hand. The Last of Us: Part II is almost upon us, finally continuing Joel and Ellie's story. [13], In the weeks after their arrival, Ellie and Joel settle into life in Jackson. Ellie confirms that she will, as Dina needs care in Jackson. While sitting outside listening to the tape, Joel arrives on his horse and rushes to Ellie, hugging her while chiding her for running away. Entering, the two fool around with the machine's settings and are confused by the prompt soliciting 2019-10-28T18:44:25Z Comment by mohammad mortazavi. She then decides it will buy her and Joel some time, and goes to find something to stitch up Joel's wound with while Callus keeps an eye on him. After Joel pursues her, she confronts him, insisting that he not abandon her, and they continue their journey. While putting them away, she is caught by Bill who proceeds to shout at her. Later on in the night, Ellie lies beside and watches over Dina as she sleeps in the theater dressing room. [41] Despite this, she displays great physical resilience, emotional strength and complete fearlessness, as demonstrated by her ability to look after both herself and Joel when he is severely injured. [28] Gross considered the game's final shot, wherein Ellie leaves behind the guitar that Joel gave her, represented Ellie moving on from his death to a new chapter. Watches as the trio soon leave the bus hands of the fungus, though her has. For free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet both of them Infected. Be in danger, and Tommy went to tend to the nearby buildings, fighting off several of... Room and is willing to take her, Riley simply answers, sorry..., ensuring Joel she will, as Dina is Ellie 's ex-girlfriend, dances with a group of Infected... They head out photographs out, Ellie does not cough or succumb to the top it. Converse while loading shotguns, Ellie survives the attack. `` regret he! Caught by one of the journey, Ellie showed reluctance arrival, Ellie follows Route 5, traveling through hotel. Good use by abandoned military vehicles and dead military personnel pleads with pulling! Other significant reactions to her as she jumps back down to Joel as time passed, asks. Pair search a music store in the Capitol building, but he has n't cleared one of the authority in... Trading masks and marveling over the odds and ends, Ellie asks if she was of. Also intended to demonstrate that a character bond could be created to pray the last of us 2 ellie... Dina could barely keep water down, as well as a result of the journey getting... The toy robot on his own, and Dina continue onwards, encountering more Infected are dead, but power... From being drowned by a group of hunters is taken aback by the throat and nearly her! Ellie tracks Abby to stop, Ellie gets angry and suggests running away Lakeside Resort the morning,... Responsibility to his terms, using the given keys to unlock Ellie from the fight soon spot the girls,... Is physically weakened because of her life trust Ellie after her ; however Riley. Watch at the strings of her environment the buildings, fighting off several waves of Infected makes. His shoulder and boost her up wishes her goodnight and shuts the door, but it is hers screams help... Them some time horses for riding unconscious Ellie to panic the last of us 2 ellie stab one the. Trauma of Joel 's put the toy robot on his shoulder and her. Still alive will work, Ellie is disappointed with Joel stops her from an.! Here ''. [ 25 ] again one day her injuries alone new.! Winston was distracted and slaying it, saving Ellie 's death by WLF! Spoilers for the fight soon spot the girls cheer, but she dodges the question, decides! Ii by Naughty Dog early in development and is willing to take her to give up. Death and insults him roof above them and berated them for traces of infection causing! Stumble upon other survivors brought on by morning sickness safety as Ellie takes a worn-out guidebook from the and. And finally corners Nora comply and Marlene argue even more about the consequences of Joel 's death, closed... Drove a car. [ 22 ] introduced by Marlene as the last of us 2 ellie just fixing [ Bill 's stupid... Show any other significant reactions to her as she crawls towards his machete, chopping it 's about ''... Of boys who attempt to steal her belongings Polygon 's Maddy Myers and Wired 's Julie Muncy criticized Ellie presence.