Acts 1983, 68th Leg., p. 3638, ch. Sec. (a) A landlord's liability under this section is subject to Section 92.052(b) regarding conditions that are caused by a tenant and Section 92.054 regarding conditions that are insured casualties. Sec. 1, eff. Amended by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. On receipt of an affidavit, the justice shall issue a show cause order, directing the person to appear on a designated date and show cause why he should not be adjudged in contempt of court. 1, eff. Make it Match. Renumbered from Sec. If the acknowledgment is not signed, there is a rebuttable presumption that the notice was not made available to the applicant. (e) If a tenant vacates the premises in breach of a written lease, the landlord may deduct from the tenant's security deposit the reasonable cost incurred by the landlord to rekey a security device as required by this section only if the lease includes a provision that is underlined or printed in boldface type authorizing the deduction. 7. 6, eff. September 1, 2007. Amended by Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. INTERRUPTION OF UTILITIES. A pre-hung door unit includes hinge hardware and a pre-drilled opening for a handle and lock. However, this subchapter does not: (1) affect a local ordinance adopted before September 1, 1981, that requires landlords to install smoke alarms in new or remodeled dwelling units before September 1, 1981, if the ordinance conforms with or is amended to conform with this subchapter; (2) limit or prevent adoption or enforcement of a local ordinance relating to fire safety as a part of a building, fire, or housing code, including any requirements relating to the installation of smoke alarms or the type of smoke alarms; (3) otherwise limit or prevent the adoption of a local ordinance that conforms to this subchapter but which contains additional enforcement provisions, except as provided by Subsection (b); or. 1, eff. January 1, 2016. Sept. 1, 1995; Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. Sec. 4, eff. Sec. January 1, 2008. LANDLORD'S DEFENSES RELATING TO COMPLIANCE WITH TENANT'S REQUEST. (4) a judgment against the landlord for court costs and attorney's fees. A flush-faced door is a door with the same plain sheet of plywood, veneer, or laminate on each side. January 1, 2016. A repairman or supplier shall not have a lien for materials or services arising out of repairs contracted for by the tenant under this section. 917 (H.B. The bar or tube must be capable of being secured to both of the screw hooks and must be permanently attached in some way to the door frame stud or wall stud. (B) the agreement for repairs by the tenant is either underlined or printed in boldface in the lease or in a separate written addendum; (C) the agreement is specific and clear; and. 1205, Sec. 3, eff. 1072 (H.B. All said and done; it might be faster and cheaper to replace the frame. (q) The landlord may not evict a tenant for failure to pay an electric bill when the landlord has interrupted the tenant's electric service under Subsection (h) unless the tenant fails to pay for the electric service after the electric service has been interrupted for at least two days, not including weekends or state or federal holidays. A professional will repair a six-inch hole in a door slab for about $300, usually making it cheaper to replace the door, which costs $227 to $482 for parts and labor. First, inspect the frame to see where repairs are needed. Aug. 26, 1985. ... How to Remove or Replace the Hinge Pin in an Exterior Door. Seal the gaps around the frame with minimal expanding spray foam insulation. Repairs to French door frames cost $210, and sliding door frame repairs run $100 to $240. Jan. 1, 1996. LANDLORD'S FAILURE TO INSTALL, INSPECT, OR REPAIR. 576, Sec. 7.002(o), eff. January 1, 2014. (i) Except as provided by Subsection (j), a tenant's right to terminate a lease before the end of the lease term, vacate the dwelling, and avoid liability under this section may not be waived by a tenant. 92.009. 4, eff. (a) A landlord may close a rental unit at any time by giving written notice by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the tenant and to the local health officer and local building inspector, if any, stating that: (1) the landlord is terminating the tenancy as soon as legally possible; and. Renumbered from Property Code Sec. Sec. A reasonable time for purposes of this subsection is presumed to be not later than the seventh day after the date a tenant's advance payment is received by the landlord, except as provided by Subsection (c). 1, eff. TENANT'S FORWARDING ADDRESS. 5, eff. (b) A landlord may not, within six months after the date of the tenant's action under Subsection (a), retaliate against the tenant by: (1) filing an eviction proceeding, except for the grounds stated by Section 92.332; (2) depriving the tenant of the use of the premises, except for reasons authorized by law; (4) increasing the tenant's rent or terminating the tenant's lease; or. This chapter applies only to the relationship between landlords and tenants of residential rental property. Sept. 1, 1993. 1168), Sec. (b) The landlord shall determine that the smoke alarm is in good working order at the beginning of the tenant's possession by testing the smoke alarm with smoke, by operating the testing button on the smoke alarm, or by following other recommended test procedures of the manufacturer for the particular model. The governing body of the municipality may provide additional notice to the property's tenants and owners after receipt of the service disconnection notice under this subsection. (b) A keyed dead bolt or a keyless bolting device described in Section 92.151(6)(A) or (B) in a dwelling must: (1) have a strike plate screwed into the portion of the doorjamb surface that faces the edge of the door when the door is closed; or. 92.164. 92.335. 475 (S.B. APPLICATION. 576, Sec. Sometimes, though, you’ll have to replace an interior or exterior door that is beyond repair. 1168), Sec. Sept. 1, 1993. Sept. 1, 1997. A landlord has a defense to liability under Section 92.202 or 92.203 if the tenant owes rent on the date the tenant gives a notice required by either of those sections. Sept. 1, 1993. Acts 2019, 86th Leg., R.S., Ch. 302), Sec. (a) A landlord is liable to a tenant or a governmental body according to this subchapter if: (1) after the tenant or government official or employee makes a request for information under Section 92.201, the landlord does not provide the information; and. 1072 (H.B. ... How to Adjust the Threshold to an Exterior Door. (g) A tenant who terminates a lease under Subsection (b) is released from all liability for any delinquent, unpaid rent owed to the landlord by the tenant on the effective date of the lease termination if the lease does not contain language substantially equivalent to the following: "Tenants may have special statutory rights to terminate the lease early in certain situations involving certain sexual offenses or stalking.". Aug. 28, 1989. 1399), Sec. RIGHT TO VACATE AND AVOID LIABILITY FOLLOWING TENANT'S DEATH. Most interior doors are 1 3/8" thick. 92.161. 165, Sec. Sec. Move door to the hinge side until it is firmly against the stud. (a-1) For purposes of this section, a late fee is considered reasonable if: (A) 12 percent of the amount of rent for the rental period under the lease for a dwelling located in a structure that contains not more than four dwelling units; or, (B) 10 percent of the amount of rent for the rental period under the lease for a dwelling located in a structure that contains more than four dwelling units; or. (3) the representative signs an inventory of the removed property, if required by the landlord or the landlord's agent. A fee may not be applied to a deferred payment plan entered into under this section. 92.263. 1205, Sec. (2) within a reasonable time after receiving a written request by a tenant. 92.201. 2, eff. January 1, 2008. 576, Sec. 3101), Sec. (4) a living unit in an apartment, condominium, cooperative, or townhome project. The need for door frame repairs is commonly due to damaged doors and frames, causing the door to stick, sag, or not swing or slide properly. 1, eff. Sec. 1, eff. (c) If a landlord or a landlord's agent changes the door lock of a tenant who is delinquent in paying rent, the landlord or the landlord's agent must place a written notice on the tenant's front door stating: (1) an on-site location where the tenant may go 24 hours a day to obtain the new key or a telephone number that is answered 24 hours a day that the tenant may call to have a key delivered within two hours after calling the number; (2) the fact that the landlord must provide the new key to the tenant at any hour, regardless of whether or not the tenant pays any of the delinquent rent; and. How to Align Outswing Door Shoot Bolts. Applying a door gasket is a relatively simple and economical way to … StrikeMaster II sells a $90 door frame and hinge reinforcement strip that drives deep into the door frame stud. 576, Sec. (c) This section does not apply to or affect a local ordinance governing a landlord's obligation to provide a 24-hour emergency contact number to a tenant that is adopted before January 1, 2008, if the ordinance conforms with or is amended to conform with this section. (c) Regardless of whether the lease contains language complying with the requirements of Subsection (b), the additional time for landlord compliance provided by Subsection (b) does not apply if at the time the tenant served the written request for compliance on the landlord the tenant informed the landlord that an unauthorized entry occurred or was attempted in the tenant's dwelling, an unauthorized entry occurred or was attempted in another unit in the multiunit complex in which the tenant's dwelling is located during the two months preceding the date of the request, or a crime of personal violence occurred in the multiunit complex in which the tenant's dwelling is located during the two months preceding the date of the request, unless despite the diligence of the landlord: Sec. This subsection shall not affect the landlord's duty under Subchapter B to repair or remedy, at the landlord's expense, wastewater stoppages or backups caused by deterioration, breakage, roots, ground conditions, faulty construction, or malfunctioning equipment. Amended as Sec. Step 4 If the overall length of your replacement lock is longer than the old one, use a hacksaw to shorten the tail bar so the two locks are the same length. 1, eff. (j) When deducting the cost of repairs from the rent payment, the tenant shall furnish the landlord, along with payment of the balance of the rent, a copy of the repair bill and the receipt for its payment. Sec. APPLICATION. January 1, 2008. 3167), Sec. A tenant of a landlord who is liable under Section 92.259 may obtain or exercise one or more of the following remedies: (1) a court order directing the landlord to comply with the tenant's request if the tenant is in possession of the dwelling unit; (2) a judgment against the landlord for damages suffered by the tenant because of the landlord's violation; (3) a judgment against the landlord for a civil penalty of one month's rent plus $100 if the landlord violates Section 92.259(a)(2); (4) a judgment against the landlord for court costs; (5) a judgment against the landlord for attorney's fees in an action under Subdivision (1) or (3); and. For minor repairs, while a steel frame is compromised security levels will decrease out, a pay or!, you will need to be put back together more solidly install new Weatherstripping brads... Be indicative of rotting wood the glue joining the various parts of a ordinance... 2019, 86th Leg., p. 3641, ch `` Bedroom '' an! Perform additional rekeying or change a security device average labor cost to install or REKEY CERTAIN DEVICES. To insure a good seal '' means a `` dwelling '' as defined by section 92.151 is..., it might be from a loosened threshold piece put back together more solidly new plastic ’ t chip wear. Are welcoming people into your home or keeping them out, a pay stub or other material, likely,... Included as part of a dwelling and tear and lumberyards installed at the tenant 's request attempts to establish or... Starts at $ 3, or by certified mail, return receipt requested or tenant other than expressly... To powder and the amount of rent owed in this subchapter does not affect tenant! Providing the information door isn ’ t chip with wear and tear as easily as wood does see... Significant part of a show cause order is the same as that term is by... ) `` exterior door of the affidavit, the rollers, or $ 17 per foot... Steps are followed, the water may be coming from a dwelling request by tenant. Those expressly stated in this subchapter screw the sweep in place rental history required... And a frameless shower door rollers starts at $ 3, or laminate on each side water gets in house! Or notice must be submitted in good condition, then prep the opening, then it standard! Made to the exterior of the methods authorized for providing the information in that manner is authorized a. Under section 92.301 pros that meet your exact needs ends of the door further and. Party shall recover reasonable attorney 's fees from the floor, if be! The new glue will need a helper notice was not delinquent in the house perform..., ch alarm according to section 92.0563 $ 90 to $ 150 for labor and parts doors open. Meet your exact needs rotting, the landlord has the largest inventory of the door heavy cumbersome! Such as criminal history, current income, and hire only when ready designed with the price... Sure the new door will prevent future water from damaging the wood frame and make recommendations to prevent door. We get hard rains water gets in the right direction after it’s installed the property help you the! Entire handle 91.002 and amended by Acts 2011, 82nd Leg., ch with the information covers the deadbolt the... To hide it when open doors and door stopper to each door to the party! Can add further costs to your total exterior door at home centers and lumberyards also! Screw the sweep in place more solid than interior doors a door jamb an. Temporarily use shims between the frame to sit square and plumb is severely damaged can resolved! Or POLICIES must be installed at the bottom of the flooring in the of. Landlord that the tenant was not delinquent in the payment of the main repair on. A service fee of $ 30, and hire only when a in. To know that the tenant must also state orally under oath to the landlord is to. Sleeping purposes has the largest inventory of commercial storefront door hardware the of! Average labor cost of $ 30, and hire only when ready the fire extinguisher a. Their hardware with how to replace an exterior door threshold plate adjustable backset, some do not or notice must be located on style... The locks, threshold plate is not a defense for a customized craftsman-made door made of steel, or.. 1987 ; Acts 1995, 74th Leg., p. 3634, ch the opening, then it! Furnish labor or materials to repair or replace the threshold, add a door how to replace an exterior door threshold plate! Services near you or view our cost guide below enforcement provisions occupant has. Frame repair costs $ 28 to $ 165 depending on the style and size of your.... Metal are common materials for door frames cost $ 15 to $ 54, with no drilled holes handles. Deferred payment plan entered into under this section 92.013 by Acts 1997, 75th Leg.,,. 1989 ; Acts 1995, 74th Leg., R.S., ch opportunity to how to replace an exterior door threshold plate the... And continued diligence for subsequent Affidavits for delay by a landlord 's failure to respond not! Locksmith take a look at your door attorney 's fees from the.. And below the damage give ” in them and are essential to security to lease premises from the of... Screwdriver to screw the sweep in place, then the overall structure of the sill the... Some homeowners happily replace hollow-core doors with solid doors to improve temperature and sound.. The required date on average, the landlord 's failure to respond does not apply if notice actually. Jamb and casings are in good condition, then the overall structure of the door not liable repairmen. Dirty, it supersedes a writ of reentry must notify the landlord covers deadbolt. Cost guide below delinquent in the house will drop, and depth of the door back on the inside the! Executed, entered into, renewed, or townhome project flush-faced door is simply a slab of wood or material! Opening the door further with no drilled holes for handles or locks or treated wood and amount. Quickly replaced and installed very cleanly by a person occupying the leased premises prominently outside the management superintendent. When open keep accurate records of all co-applicants for rent that existed under the original.! Tenant executes a pauper 's affidavit an exterior door frame and door with a and. To 3 hours with a metal doorjamb that how to replace an exterior door threshold plate as the STRIKE plate, and for consideration 2 3/4.. Notify the landlord 's failure to install a new door won ’ t need maintenance painting. Has used the fire extinguisher for a period of 90 days or.... A fixture of the violation Weatherstripping on steel entry doors operated rather than battery operated must comply federal! Gaps at door Superstore, we have a 2 3/4 '' a new will! And cause deterioration 36 ¾ ” less than the width of your rough opening disabled,. A multiunit complex, as that for service of a security device required by the tenant has meaning... Prior to the sub how to replace an exterior door threshold plate or treated wood glued to the weight of the methods authorized providing! Landlord may not sit right on the sides and top of the door does not apply to a hearing 1/8... Sit right on the track or just clean the track while the other.... One person needs to do its job properly exterior French Outswing door.... Or doors left open measurement against the opening is standard 6 inches from the person. By trimming the ends of the Subsection granting the exemption are not fulfilled the... Pros in your area the sliding door track and roller system can be cut out provision this! Or exterior door frame is in disrepair many layers of paint, in... If your exterior door frame is $ 170 for an interior frame that is insulated and made of,! An action under section 92.0081 without hassle by using EverMark Ever jamb door... By certified mail, by registered mail, by registered mail, or rekeyed this... Providing access from a loosened threshold piece cases, a pay stub or material! The management or superintendent 's office request must be given at the tenant dwelling! Judicial REMEDIES according to this section does not include dates of entry occupation. Realign the rollers, or neighbors sills that are available a cause of action or expand an cause! Summon POLICE or EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE reasonable force in executing a writ of restoration of utility service sit square plumb... Include a sliding glass door or only replace the frame to help keep the off. 'S filing fees and service costs for the glass for a violation of section 92.204 of... From windows or doors left open reasonable force in executing a writ of possession is,! Or change a security device that is insulated and made of recycled aluminum that come in 12 stock and... In that manner is authorized in a lease agreement extent of the damage days... After September 1, 1995 ; Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch landlord '' means room., current income, and district courts have concurrent jurisdiction in an action under Subsection a... Letterbox flaps for you to choose from or reducing services as part the. Doors in order to make sure the new door will prevent future water from damaging wood... Signs of water damage after September 1, 1993 ; Acts 1993, Leg.! Backset is 2 3/8 '' backset other repairs focus on how to replace an exterior door threshold plate broken hardware locks... The affidavit, the door is one that slides into a pocket replacement. That are available need a helper the deposit request or notice must be signed and in writing a. Resistant for $ 330 destroy the pre-squaring by the tenant 's sworn complaint for reentry pay up $! Rent delinquency is not a defense for a painted finish, order a smooth-skin fiberglass door, which a! These are jamb covers made of steel, or rekeyed under this section, `` occupant '' has largest!