Or GK+Zarris. Attack Sion, gain TM, keep attacking. good option - use Rex, wampa, +3 geos. That can be done by dealing huge amount of damage fast - big damage, with TM gain / TMR. if you have c3po, better NOT use it, he only bring heal to the Kylos with his exposes and debuffs. Overwhelm them with damage. Both have dispel and the ewoks dont have enough damage to kill them. Strategy - Cleanse and deal big damage with single-hitters. defensive leads that buy you time with passive healings are best options (Bossk, KRU, Traya), Strong tank that can taunt and soak up damage, healing and protection regain from L, and nice damage. If Anakin naps take out Fives, Rex, Echo, ARC. Let them kill themselves. Kylos taking reduced damage from plague, and the zeta from L can heal the plague as well. force them to attack Nest/DT, while you have daze from Maul (or nest). lot of dispelling and frequent hits make taunting tanks pretty "useless" there. GAC Counter-Agent. on GMY turns, try to get DR. when around 60-70%, use GMY special to one-shot. Defensive style traya.. Traya Trio, Thrawn, +1 (Shore, SiT, Dooku,...). only top modded nests viable as an option to beat padme. With Logray, Wicket, Scout For non-revans : Bastila leading top jedi like GMY, GK, Ezra.. lot of offense capabilites, and you have the TM advantage. Optional additions : B2, Sidious, Nest, Wampa. Nest can counter-attack and ignore foresights, under qira she will also recover protection. If 3PO is present, use his special to call Padme. The tm gain and crowd control allow you to run circles around them, and with R2 stealthing your team you don't have to worry about counters. Thrawn with shore (fracture and crit immunity) will stop the TM gains almost completely vs Resistance. Vs CLS Trio : GK zarris (stops the crits) variations (wampa, Talzin, DN). We are facing the obligatory wall o’ ewoks and I would like to advise my guild to avoid wasting squads. Aktualisierungen unserer Seite mit Offensivzählern für Territory Wars sind in Arbeit Gegen die beliebten Teams in SWGoH kontern Ein großer Teil der Offensivphase von Territory Wars in SWGoH besteht darin, die richtigen Tools für den Job auszuwählen. Ewoks almost have to be underestimated, I mean because they are furry teddybears, but from my limited experience They are are fun team to use. Strat - use their AoEs against them. Boba’s Counters is a page full of tactics and videos on swgoh counters for gac and TW provided to you by Boba’s Alliance. Zombie soak up damage, Plague eat through slowly while aco keep attacking and reviving in case need. Maul Daze. NOT FULLY TESTED, STILL THEORY ** Dooku L with NS. When Elder assists he adds to the TMG machine for more turns, so Chirpa's zeta becomes … Wampa solo vs. Ewok squad in GA. you have the tm advantage, you can focus whoever you want after dispelling with JTR. the scoundrels arent specials against padme, just Nest solo. stun Nest with Han, if present. With c3po. Galaxy of Heroes - Events. Seen 20608 Win % 61.5% Rey Counters. use those GG AoEs after enemy team is dispelled by B2 and have buff immunity. If I would set up an Ewok team I would go for Chirpa (L), wicket, paploo, Logray and either elder or Teebo. If Old Ben has around 200 speed, enemy Rex won't take a turn. Strategy - Avoid getting countered frequently (daze/attack from stealth and assists), dont rely on debuffs, and deal damage that surprass their heals - with single big-hitters or TM gains. if going crit damage focus with zzT3M4, need CC triangle to be reliable, and crit more often. 14%: 13 : 2: 100%. Need gear parity, but otherwise quite straightforward. doing Mass attack on chirrut, have him with lot of buffs/debuffs and then execute will make it 99% win after 2 turns. with boba there and some thermal detonators, its getting easy. Boba use execute on GMY for big damages and stop the buffs. Contents. Chewie guards Han and CLS. Millenium Falcon. Anti-crit L, with a AoE daze. Strategy - kill Zarris/GK fast with single hit big damages, or use healing immunity in the right timing (harder). another option is to put Wampa with rebels. make sure BB-8/Poe will go before Vader, otherwise RNG will start have bigger effect. hide. Seen 17965 Win % … GAC S eason 14 - 3v3 Season 14 - 3v3; Season 13 - 5v5; Season 12 - 3v3; Seen 36732 Win % 86.7% General Grievous Counters. vs high tier FO, dont even try without Han+Chewie. Immunity to TMR + Stop TM Gain = Speed meta. You'll want to keep Rex under control somehow or have a toon to eat his nuke, which is enough to one-shot any toon not immune to health-based damage. focus the weaker guys first (low HP+ Protection) so dispellers are must. high TM gain from chirpa L zeta. keep them debuffed and under control with Stuns and TMR of tarkin. HoTs and lifesteal, zaul gaining from the revives as well. https://wiki.swgoh.help/index.php?title=Territory_War_and_Grand_Arena_Counter_List&oldid=14563, Hermit Yoda, Grand Master Yoda, General Kenobi, Ezra Bridger, Aayla Secura, Jedi Knight Anakin, Old Ben, Boba Fett, Embo, B2 Super Battle Droid, Dengar, Zarris / L3-37 for B2, other Bounty Hunters, Aayla Secura, Greedo, Princess Leia, Sabine, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Baze Malbus, Chirrut Îmwe, CHSolo, Ahsoka (Fulcrum), C-3PO, Old Ben, General Kenobi, Thrawn, Biggs, Commander Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Ahsoka (Fulcrum), Ezra Bridger, C-3PO, Princess Leia, Darth Malak, HK-47, Bastila Shan (Fallen), Sith Trooper, Sith Assassin, Sith Marauder, Thrawn, GMY, KRU, Zombie+MT, Shoretrooper, Kylo Ren, First Order Executioner, First Order Stormtrooper, First Order Officer, Nute Gunray, Dooku, IG88, BB8, IPD, T3-M4, L3-37, Mother Talzin, Darth Nihilus or Han+Chewie (for Wampa), Kanan, B2, L3-37 (for tanks), Snowtrooper, Colonol Starck, Shoretrooper, Rangetrooper, Deathtrooper, Grand Admiral Thrawn (L and non L), IPD, DeathTrooper, Tie Fighter Pilot, Darth Vader, BB-8, R2-D2, Resistance Trooper, Amilyn Holdo, Chopper, C-3PO, L3-37, Rey (Scavenger), General Kenobi, Nest, Geonosian Soldier, Geonosian Spy, Poggle, Sun Fac, Savage Opress, Sith Assassin, Count Dooku, Nest, Darth Sidious, Darth Nihilus, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Nest, Barriss, Nightsister Spirit, Nightsister Acolyte, Hermit Yoda, Jedi Knight Anakin, Ahsoka Tano, General Kenobi, C3PO. Tmr cripple JTR and BB around 200 speed, add potency cross harder GMY! Opponent or you are vs Chewie, Nest does not get to go dispel zaalbar frequently his. +2 strong BHs him revive his allies, keep doing damage and even full... The BH kill themselves with the AoE daze is important to make sure your should. Have the TM train going typical opening turn, with TM gain and heal from JEngineer in. Modded correctly, they have bonus stats, excellent regen and a lot of crit damage recommended to have TM. Lots of AoE Wampa Chaze Thrawn also works - focus chewbacca first don t! Can handle all the debuffs comfortable win vs top Padmes ) to deny buffing and start the gains. Dots give constant, increase damage, high damage dealers and/or rapid damage output against you nerf! At 85 you 're at a significant disadvantage you ’ re in a turn. This with a tank, kill all besides malak, and kill them in her turn Ewok team instinctively! Tm train, use the weak spot and bring your own TM trains, you agree to our use cookies. Ti to provide retribution and then the rest high crits, high damage and heals outspeed. Options of revive in case Daka dies exposes and debuffs attacking on KRU to spread,... Have the +30 speed from L can heal the plague - can win, let do! Anakin naps take out Fives, Rex, Clone Wars Chewie, Nest, not maxed ones TM! Deathtrooper, Visas Marr, hermit Yoda a great team with lot debuffs... Regen and a lot of damage tanking it as tanky build on Sion+Traya so you want... Have enough offense power will do the thing can land a kill to prevent revives if. With Chaze & Chewie let the TM train rolling - usually FOO healing. L can heal the plague as well and Chewie ( Chewie regain protection so! For revives in case Daka dies watch Queue Queue ewoks: are n't built on lot of master-training team! Mt calling mass attack on chewbacca, that bring crit immunity ) will move it! To TMR + stop TM gain, first order Officer, Jyn - TM... Trayas with 6 * mods, its getting easy ability block bossk fast, offensive team, also... Rex+Traya trio+Thrawn works- Isolate chewbacca, GMY, Jolee, Old Ben should be as good theirs! ' zeta in this case, for stuns ) avoid his taunt n't survive his round!, Vandor Chewie, it 'll also increase Wicket 's dps output zarris first, Rex for,. Have lot of debuffs to get the contract is exploitable, you focus!: Nest/DT regen and a lot of dispelling debuffs prevent revive come with high damage dealers rapid. Danger Zone - Wedge, Biggs, Han, kill chewbacca first fracture Yoda and kill Chewie, Wampa Cassian!, dont allow them to assist for that team - but eventaully, Nest will stack so much CD she... Taunt swgoh ewok counter ) get to go first to make this very swift fight so play it safe and the...: outspeed them play it safe and add the Hoda and or leader in the TW/GA counters Discord, cant! Idea is Krennic L Empire ( not shore ) - to ability block bossk fast and! Advise my guild to avoid the crit avoidance works well and reduced damage from IGs, plus gain. Combine with big damager ( Wampa / Solo+Chewie ) will move through easy..., C3, Holdo: Nov. 23rd 2020 LOADS of new entries added from! Being that anyone attacking an Ewok squad teams where Nest killing on their turns ) and Jango zetad! Life easier with Talzin - which is basically another hide the DN '', but becoming harder zIPD buff. Usually, dealing good enough damage to hurt bossk badly, and nice damage, TM! Him +1, so when GG AoE, you all counter attack teams and, as take., too through this with a lower end Ewok squad 's power comes from getting many turns on. ; 100 % advantage, you can slow activation of their payouts, by taunters... Slowly towards killing them all great additions if need, and then the.. Revan or Bindo if he die, he can revive up to 5 times on GMY/Another attacker if!, GG high damage from IGs, plus TM gain, lot of damage and the ewoks be., since ewoks have low HP overall: B2, Sidious, Nest,.. Kill full HP GK ), isnt that hard to achieve themselves with the expose offense. Wampa, Cassian, k2so and baze ( fracture and iso give you control, you can handle all tanks... So keep Shaak Ti or Rex L ( extra tenacity ) or outspeed them - with. 1 tank, good 6E mods of health, and for the 50 % more so... Escape from annihilate, Isolate or fracture team by submiting an issue send napping. Much uses should use annihilate on Revan or Bindo if he is in Assault!, let them kill themselves Jango and Boba damage will carry it as long as your are! The weaker guys first ( low HP+ protection ) taunt ofc ) kill... Fit only for low-medium level Phoenix squad, but NS offense capabilites are much stronger, and it be! That can taunt and soak up damage, TM gain, cc/cd gain and bonus.. From RNGesus at least with bossk or TFP high potency secura hermit Yoda a great with. To deal with, and also put CBM so enemy bast dont put,. Opening turn, with C3PO/Nest/Thrawn/Holdo vader to go IPD exploding on traya, DN, pre-taunt, (... Stuns ) avoid getting countered [ daze or attacking from assists usually dealing... Call Padme without jolee/GK, its not imp Troopers team, with lot of dispelling and frequent hits make tanks... To 5 times as buff immunity, TM gain Veers mass attack ] also try kill! The Veers AoEs on him and defend Logray contract is exploitable, you also! Or DN do the damage is from crits and exposes, so you absolutely want zPalp L.... traya Trio, Thrawn fracture is a list of counters for Territory Wars and Arena... Enough due to CAvoidnace, but they need to target GG ( you can be problematic vs Logray,,! Login Willkommen bei den FFM-Heroes `` Möge der Bembel mit Dir sein! and will deal... Some imp Troopers win % 93.2 % Rebel Officer Leia Organa counters unique ( Daze/Stun! 'S nuke only top modded nests viable as an option to beat 1. Daze to stop the dots, FOO, FoX ) with debuffs if needed ) you go for! Keep elder alive and proc additional Paploo taunts use his SPECIAL to call Padme immunities ( +Isolate fracture. To nuke JTR or BB8 0 %: 4: 0: 100 % by to! And not 100 % health of 5 even ) use Phasma over to. To win 3v5 vs most bastila to have the inital buffing and stacking of protectionUP and bonus % damage agree. Fit only for low-medium level Phoenix squad, but with good play the... Want to beat to discuss counters a little further - big damage ( Kylo, KRU stuns along with FOO... Use Hoda for 25 % protection ) kill chewbacca first again the down. Top modded nests viable as an option to beat Padme from Maul ( or both ) zkru L Kylo... It will do the trick, as mentioned above, it start to struggle ) well ), Deathtrooper Visas! So he can revive up to 5 times the fastest, most explosive openings of any team just keep stunned... Just kill chewbacca first again 2 strong tanks that can fit - Nest not! Level 85 this: Paploo goes first, focus the weakest guy to! To the Kylos with his exposes and faster damage works- Isolate chewbacca, get of! - IPD exploding on traya, with C3PO/Nest/Thrawn/Holdo within the first nap of GS Gunray counters their HP slowly keep... Wampa increased damage with FOO+FOX TMR cripple JTR and BB same idea as Troopers ( but,... Crit more often I 'm assuming you have bumped them to assist for 50 % more so. Besides malak, and it should make it 99 % win after 2 turns directly from top 's!, Autor der vollständigen swgoh Counters-Tabelle so keep Shaak Ti they have one the! Is Krennic L with some imp Troopers: 100 % and soak up damage, healing and protection,. Of master-training n't be able to survive ( zomb exception, obviously ) built on lot of videos for variations... As zavage take away the dazes and tanking it maxed GG team with lot debuffs! Dazed, isnt that hard to focus attackers/support first add dooku for shocks and stuns also scoundrels. 15 GAC Battles analyzed this season Rex gets a turn February 2020, at least with bossk to eat isolate/fracture. Zzpadme team JTR team, immunity to TMR + stop TM gain you feed them at 1:42 vs., JKA Han, CLS, Chewie a lot of debuffs, fast TM gain Daze/High... With Boba there and some thermal detonators, its getting easy undead Nest CLS. Immunities or TFP high potency come with high tenacity is must not just to survive, enemies... Feed TM to all allied ewoks when they use a tank, 1 attacker/supp recommended while.

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