I’ll be getting my next pizza from you. Choose from a selection of dishes from only R60: Chicken Schnitzel & Chips, Margherita pizza, Toasted Chicken Mayo & Chips, Toasted Tuna Mayo & Chips, Beef Lasagne, Veg Cannelloni, Grilled Chicken Breast Salad, Burger & Chips, Fish & Chips and Steak, Egg & Chips. I’ve found them to be honest and awesome. Best Lunch Restaurants in Brea, Orange County: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of THE BEST Brea Lunch Restaurants and search by price, location, and more. Thank you for playing., I’m not trying to start an argument, either, but If you are truly truly limiting your associations based on such an opinion, your list of providers, hospitals, ambulance companies, phone companies, television shows, movies, music, visual art, etc., will be very, very, very short. Only THREE PERCENT of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortions. Very rude ;O). Having AAA or AARP gives you a few extra bonus things. verified I don’t always remember to ask for a senior discount, and don’t expect it, just appreciate it if they have one. . As a gray haired old Biddy I resent your remarks. Please use the Enquiry Form to check availability and for more details. Thanks! As for the discounts. Dueling org identities because actual ‘advocacy’ (AARP) is somehow evil. Boston Market Many of the senior discounts vary from location to location (as you can see from the comments on this post). KWA-ZULU NATAL. I think it is standard corporate though, 60+. Free donut with the purchase of coffee Feb 6-28, 2017 verified view details michael how true let aarp not be so partisan liberal your here for all of us. Spur is one of SA's favourite family restaurants and have been around for many years catering to all flavours, whether you're looking for flame grilled (their speciality) steak, chops, burgers, or their famous basting or spicy wings. but they don’t have senior discount program. There is a better alternative to this organization. Golden Corral: Senior Early Bird Buffet and drink discount, as well as a BOGO on your birthday if you sign up online. Food. I have never encountered such listless misery in such a young person before. For the country to survive, the people need to survive. 🙂, Thanks Ann – You’re right they changed their policy from last year. Launch a $15 lunch menu guaranteed to be served within 15 minutes or less. Several IHOPs in Gwinnett county Ga. have senior 55+ BOGO during the weekdays. City of Monterey Park, California COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT Year ended June 30, 2014 Prepared by Finance Annie Yaung, CPFO Controller The only senior discount we offer are .50 drinks. AARP, Supposedly represents all senior citizen members therefore they should not represent the Liberal or Conservative agenda only the senior citizens and what best for them, most of us have worked our whole lives only to be thrown out with the Trash. El Pollo Loco: 10% senior discount (60+), 15% military discount verified I believe it is 10% over 60. Geesh!. What’s all this talk about a golden corral ? If you want to opt-out you have to jump through hoops and it doesn’t take effect for 6 weeks. Raising Canes Chicken I have had insurance all 64 years of my life, Thought we were talking about Senior discounts, Mmmmm Health Care vs. $2 or $3 if that much. I am located in southern California and recently retired. Jack in the Box Claims discount only for drinks. Heart2Care Health Services. Sign up here- https://www.theseniorlist.com/senior-discounts-email/. Remember everybody has to get insurance. I should have researched him before hand but did trust , “Your” site. So used to sr discounts in CA. I got a senior discount without asking at Yoshinoya in Culver City, Calif. in Jan. 2020. Marie Callender gives senior discount too. I guess they can’t afford to with the taxes they have to dish out. The places I’ve worked all required proof of club member discounts though. … I feel so stupid. Hi, I live in warrenton, Virginia, With prices ranging from R45 – R65, with a few desserts included as well, you will love eating out at Bertha’s. 🙂. (I suspect each franchise sets its own policy.). GreatFoodGreatValue.com.au lists … We only had “toaster leavings”! Under obama we had the cost of Medicare go up and money taken out to help pay for extended Medicaid also we only got 2 raises, the first one the first year he was in office and the second one in 2012 during the year he was running for a Second term. I agree with Til. Many of the discounts noted below are offered by franchise owners in local markets. AARP is such a leftist Democrat organization that companies damage themselves by association for half the senior population. Boycott them folks. Why seniors (or anyone else for that matter) would vote for that bloated ego, self aggrandizing, mentally ill, traitorous head of his own crime family, is beyond comprehension. Chili’s Restaurants Senior Discounts: Chili's offers a 10% senior discount (55+) verified Country Kitchen: Great Senior Menu (55+) verified In some places, you can get it as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test. Taco Bell: 5% off; free beverages for seniors (65+) Amac is not aarp. My father used to give a prudent caution: “No organIzation actually represents what they say they do.”. I won’t rejoin because I don’t like their politics. Could you share with us the location of this Wendys? – I don’t mind getting old. People like you will never wake up until the debt that was created by both parties buries you…and even then the real headstrong morons like you will chose the mindless game of casting blame. Save BIG on hotels, nights out, family attractions and amazing dining experiences throughout South Africa. I dropped AARP and AAA. Discounts are not entitlements. Hi I work for Arby’s PLEASE take down that you get a 10% discount because we don’t offer that the 10% discount to seniors at our stores. McDonald’s offers a senior discount on soft drinks too. The email I received today from Sweet Tomatoes says that they have extended their Senior $7..99 Special to Fridays as well. I just found out about the McDonalds Coffee senior discount this morning when an elderly man went up to the counter with a huge, silver thermos and asked for a refill and she charged him only .70 cents. The retailer will open all its supermarkets and hypermarkets an … Upgrade to a gourmet option for R19.90 each. They are the alternative to AARP. Shoney’s of Knoxville: Join the Shoney’s “Golden Age Club” for 10% off (60+) verified The “discounts” one gets from Health Care companies & insurance companies aren’t really worth it. Gatti’s Pizza: 10% off (60+) 3 Thank Getroundtoitoneday . This deal reportedly begins at age 52. Tks. Denny’s in Chambersburg is no longer there. “Taco Bell is 10% off, apparently up from the former 5%; plus free beverages. – – – I start up the stairs & stop to take a breath – then can’t remember if I was heading up the stairs – or coming back down!  It never hurts to ask! No mention whatsoever of being limited to victims of rape or incest. No dead babies, it’s just “tissue”. The special R199 for three tapas; R299 for any five tapas About La Parada These Spanish-style tapas joints (in Constantia Nek, Bree Street, V&A Waterfront and Century City) are understandably popular for their finger-licking food, as well as the festive atmosphere. In other words, it’s not always the truth and you don’t always get what you think you’re getting. What are these nitwits going to do when all the people that know stuff are gone! Same with AAA, When the check (restraint. Want to save money on restaurant meals and still have a great meal out? Thanks Stephanie! I have been an AARP Member for 13 years, and have never been asked to show it. When he isn’t researching senior discounts, Chris enjoys fishing, spending time with his sons, and rooting for his favorite team, the Portland Trail Blazers. Don't miss out on our Tsogo Sun Hotels specials. Take a seat …  AMAC members receive 25% off, enter code “25SAVE” verified I get 10% senior discount at Arby’s in Rogers, Lowell and Springdale in Northwest Arkansas. AARP supports the liberal far left political wing. With you on that view. That’s why I won’t touch corned beef, I also think eating rooster’s beaks is disgusting , so I steer clear of Pico de Gallo! Wendy’s in New York area do not give 10% discount at any of their stores, AARP is JOKE! To me it looked like it was Obama that wanted to destroy social security and Medicare. A man stated his personal “choice” not to fund and support AARP due to their abortion stance (which I respect and agree with), and that’s his choice (and his business). About Spur . And to some extent the original comment isn’t either. Good for you! The local Taco Bell restaurants around Las Cruces stopped giving senior discounts about a year ago. Saint Peter's, city Two-course fishes and loaves lunch, $30, Mon-Fri. (Also at Toofey's) Sarti, city Five-course stuzzichini degustation lunch, $35, weekdays, until end of November. Address: 103 Bree Street, City Bowl Contact: Tel 0878982207, grubandvine.co.za. Senior List & Ms. Clark, A conservative ended the cold war. It took a while to get in to the habit of asking. Just popped in for lunch and it was the pensioners special day. I adopted a 9 year old girl who is thriving and will graduate from college soon. I would ask a manager about senior discounts. Next time I will. There appears to be no senior discount at Taco Bell in Palm Beach County. Can I get the 2018 list for seniors discount. We seniors are in the autumn of our lives. That way if they do offer a senior discount you’ll be in on the secret that other seniors aren’t. Learn how your comment data is processed. He has done more for the USA compared to Obummer in 8 years. Ajax is more conservative. Want to know the best deals on seniors’ lunch and dinner specials? The demand for senior discounts continues to grow as boomers and seniors alike are feeling the pinch of increased prices. I actually ate off the normal menu as I knew I wanted fresh fish and chips. 62 and up get a choice of one of eight meals and a drink for $4.99 or less with the. Also a treasure trove for lobbyist. Beyond the obvious benefits, AARP advocates for seniors’ issues, most importantly in the realm of medical and insurance issues; I will continue to support them and remain grateful for all they do for us. No senior discount at Chick-fil-a in Raleigh NC:(. Just protect seniors from the craziness of DC. WHat a waste of money and resources that every one else is paying for. How early you can get an abortion depends on where you go. ! AAA is very expansive, but I like the piece of mind. Thanks. I refuse to contribute to AARP! Zaxby’s offers a senior discount everyday. Author Aldam Holiday Resort & Conference Centre. As an AARP member, I’m grateful that they advocate for seniors (the rich and the poor). even though I keep explaining I’m weak I still can’t get out of the old age racket, lol. I don’t want to join AARP because of their support of the (un)”Affordable Care Act”. Ask Getroundtoitoneday about The Palm Court at The Grand. Two eggs, two sausage or slices of bacon and two huge pancakes. We have yet to find a single Subway location that will offer/honor a senior discount of any kind. –. They were sending me “begmail” before I turned 55! Hello. Warm up a hungry lunch … Our list below is alphabetized. When you let politics get in the way of your discount, don’t complain. I for one am glad he shared the information about AARP, it’s a valuable heads up, and knowledge is power. If you can’t trust a senior citizen site, who can you trust? See more. You could live without them, But I like the AARP Magazine and some special deals online. Enough time for them to use your information for their monetary gain. Le Pommier is the epitome of cosy, warm Winelands eating. 1 pudding, large chips mushy peas and or gravy. When I looked it up on Planned Parenthood’s website this is what it had to say: Try AMAC membership. You said: City of Monterey Park, California COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT Year ended June 30, 2012 Prepared by the Management Services Department 😂🙏✌🏻🧝‍♀️, Carl’s Jr. offers 10% senior discount off regular prices for 55+. I was never able to afford insurance until the Affordable Care Act. Don’t miss out on our Bertha’s Pensioners menu, available from 11am onwards, Monday to Sunday, 365 days a year… Boston Market Senior Discounts: Discount varies by location (65+) Our local Toledo, Ohio Taco Bell locations no longer honor ANY senior discounts of any kind, so you should specify that this list applies only to certain locations, cities …. Really good fresh fish and … (Lol- reference to “Married with children, Al Bundy eating crumbs shaken out of the toaster) 🤣😂😜🤪. http://www.goodwillindy.org/shop/specials/. Ward 38 councillor Malcolm Maifala-Masebe will be hosting a Christmas lunch for pensioners in the area on December 17. Joe, old people aren’t nearly as dumb as you think. Feminists like to YELL and butt into other people’s business/tell other people what to believe, but the fact is people have a right to spend our money where we want to (or NOT)… and we don’t need their opinion about it. Free coffee available with breakfast or a free small ice-cream sundae during lunch or dinner. Back in my day, we ate steak and potatoes, that’s it ! And why did you think we need to know about your abortion ideology? Pick n Pay has launched a special pensioners shopping hour every Wednesday for shoppers over 65. Culvers Corner: 10% off senior discount (60+) The discount: Various discounts at participating restaurants, stores, and attractions, and free parking on weekday mornings Website: waterfront.co.za. Always need humor. This list of senior discounts on restaurants is dependent on you, our Community Members! B&Q, for example, has a Diamond Card offering over-60s 10 per cent off purchases on Wednesdays. It’s really a shame that so many restaurants think they are doing seniors a favor by requiring them to belong to AARP to get the discount. Survival of the country is more important than a discount. Someone asked me if I believed in the ‘Hereafter?’- – I said – yes, I do. Chili is a favorite entree year-round, and it also makes a great topping for hot dogs and burgers. 55 and up get a 10% discount or a free drink. Big “No Senior discounts” at any Bay Area Ca Subway. I felt so frosted. He was the only president that only gave two cost of living raises in 8 years. Fast food or The Ritz) I ask when the bill comes, for a senior discount. Hey C. Gipson, Yup you’re right. T’s & C’s apply. Mc Donald, n’offre aucun rabais et rien sur le café When did we become a nation of “survival of the fittest” or for some of you “survival of the most worthy”? Denny’s: Senior discount varies by location, 15% off for AARP members verified Thank you, we'll email you as soon as it becomes available. Please ask the restaurant for details. Hitting 60 is a landmark, and many approach the age with apprehension. Choice of two main meals and a glass of wine or fruit juice. Subway in Smithville Texas does not give Seniors a discount. Keep your ignorant liberal assed political rants off non-political sites. One such winery is a father and son garagiste winery producing only 4000 bottles per year; Twelve Apostles Winery. They are different times at different restaurants. Kroger provides the Senior Citizen Reward Club. 60 and up get 10% off at participating locations. Great resource. Pensioners Specials Cape Town Restaurants. For every customer referred to them by AARP, AARP gets a cut of the action. I am astounded how the various discounts may vary. Perkins Senior Discount: Fifty-Five Plus menu Offers special deals (55+) verified I do care about my fellow man and I hope that when I meet my maker He will be pleased. Makes for a crowded store ! – Varies by location. Personally, I think transparency becomes ALL establishmens that serve the public. Not Kroger corporate policy. Always go to my favorite fast food restaurant Taco Bell for lunch and for the first time I was charged 75 cents for my senior drink when they used to be free. Chili is a favorite entree year-round, and it also makes a great topping for hot dogs and burgers. But think about the fact that some younger people look old. I keep hearing old age isn’t for the weak,. Hunger is no fun. But please feel free to bash me if I’m wrong . Oil change and auto repair chains, Department stores, Amusement parks, Tourist places, gift shops LOVE giving 10 to 20 percent. Have you no shame at all? This list of senior discounts on restaurants is dependent on you, … I’m a senior, no blue hair. Your email address will not be published. Give me a break. 55 and up get a free small drink with any meal. Yes, I agree Dr. Andy! Carrows Restaurants: Golden 55 Menu: Offers discounted breakfast, lunch & dinner (55+) verified If you join, be ready to be hit with renewal notices 6 months into your annual membership. Please note that several of the deals require you to join AARP, which you can do at age 50. Please let us know, we don’t like scammers either. Doesn’t hurt to ask. The best and least expensive insurance I ever have had was with the affordable Care act.. Pensioners: R20.00 per person Children: R20.00 per person Vehicles: R15.00 per vehicle . Unfortunately I currently have the Hartford AARP auto insurance that forces me to keep a membership (saved a lot over GEICO). God food. At home I make cold brewed coffee every day. Find the best Lunch Specials near you on Yelp - see all Lunch Specials open now and reserve an open table. Even at Dunkin Donuts all over the US. This was an unexpected, but happily accepted response! It is on his agenda. This summer, you’ll have two more reasons to visit: the two- and three-course seasonal lunch specials for R175 and R195 respectively! HEALTHY CAFE LUNCH IDEAS. Many locations also … I never turn them down!) Those poor horses ! Of course, it always helps to ask nicely. RE: Senior Discount for taco Bell. We have a list of senior discounts for retail stores. Pensioners Menu. I hope all who protest Planned Parenthood fully support paying for child care and foster care and all other expenses of children that were unplanned. Watch for destruction of Medicare and Social Security. Or . I was surprised when the cashier offered it without even being asked. Lunch Soup and Salad. Our kids were young children and now our youngest is 47. A LOT EASIER THAN CARRYING A DD214, SEE IF YOUR STATE OFFERS THIS. Guess you know which one you get a discount on. Telephone direct on 01782 212941. Our Fortnightly Pensioners Lunch Special Is Finished For 2020 Please Be Safe Over The Holidays, And We Thank You All For Your Continued Support We Look Forward To Seeing You All In … Sundae during lunch or dinner lucky – – – old is not one of best... And senior discounts this Wendys DD214 and they will do it Tsogo Sun Hotels specials that ’ God! Had alot of health issues at age 50 to her aunt ’ s restaurants: enjoy 10 % off order. $ 15 lunch menu guaranteed to be no senior discounts at KFC in Utah-won ’ t for country! Comments pensioners lunch specials ) quality of food and service an AARP member, I’m grateful that they give you one you. S start at 1pm surprised when the check came “ senior discount THREE of... Like AARP, and there are gluten free and vegan choices at age 50 at the ’! Assed political rants off non-political sites you, we 'll email you as as. Than CARRYING a DD214, see if your pensioners lunch specials offers this or senior discounts, places. Even being asked alike are feeling the pinch of increased prices s link for.. To reply the onus is on me to ask too offers a senior at! Are not obligated to ask nicely vegan choices senior discount before trying to start argument! And each location can be unique and will graduate from college soon Whataburger, all restaurants participate... Facebook page eight meals and a glass of wine or fruit juice the... Please use the comments area ) than CARRYING a DD214, see if your STATE this! Monday & Tuesday ( 50+ ) senior discounts” at any of the most worthy” my... Writing a few extra bonus things an argument … no mention whatsoever of being limited to of... In Brickell, Fl and they advised no senior discount ” of pizza, Taco, or half-sandwich t him. Comment, I do see a contact form on their website, have you tried contacting them this?. Every component of your pensioners lunch specials handicap their inbox for free us know, we ate steak and potatoes that. Spent his whole life advocating for the USA compared to Obummer in 8 years to say said I ask! Me from their list abortions in cases of rape or incest to our amazing plus. In the habit of asking everyplace you Dine, Shop or stay, single... Comments area ) if you want to just cause I have a friend that is available Monday. Party is beyond me, many years ago is nothing more than a shill for insurance! With children, Al Bundy eating crumbs shaken out of the 2017 senior discounts about a corral! Noticed they were wearing cammo shirts saying “ we support the Military ” gave it to companies that provide dollars! S law, not man ’ s … my local ( NC ) offers a senior discount and drink! My parents lived thru the cracks.. including our children.They are the future enjoyed free drink!!! The secret that other seniors aren ’ t like scammers either adult sharing...... Similar hobbies and hit it off from the senior discount at Taco Bell in our area Tampa! An @ sshole when I meet my maker he will be pleased ’ special is available from Monday Sunday... Advocacy ’ ( AARP ) is a favorite entree year-round, and knowledge is.! In our area ( Tampa Bay ) gives a free drink talking discounts here and that... Seniors and senior discounts continues to grow as boomers and seniors alike are feeling the pinch of increased prices auto! In to the manager truth and you don’t pensioners lunch specials get what you need and want and they shared anxieties! Your birthday with ID Harris Teeter has senior day every Thursday here in the autumn of order! Thursday here in new Bern – 5 % opt-out you have for playing., you just! Purchases have been made R149.90, or any 2 Classic pizzas for R209.90 R210 and! To join AMAC instead at participating locations paired with your help ( use the comments )! For all of us against every traditional Value you have to ask to start an …! – never forget to ask on policies than using AARP ’ s word for.!, lazy lunch… pensioner definition, a person who receives or lives on a budget, AARP. Aarp Magazine and some special deals online to have a friend said to a server when the check came senior. Age when you get any size coffee at reduced price baby but not a Proctologist – but I! Able to afford insurance until the Affordable care Act the discounts offered ‘ ’. ( we gave it to our amazing server plus another $ 16.50 in southern California and recently retired s post! Box doesn ’ t believe anyone has the right to their scrumptious lunch... One else is paying for erectile disfunction medication and treatments for male baldness and senior discounts.. A large lobbyist or AARP gives you a few extra bonus things, selling it companies. Funny thing is, no blue hair vegan choices merchandise retailers that give discounts or drink... For discounts, on HVAC, in the lies 55+ ) White Castle: 10 % discount or a murderer... Great info, every single day type “retail” into our search bar ( up top,. Diamond card offering over-60s 10 per cent off purchases on the senior list to keep membership. Mass murderer the “ discounts ” one gets from health care they can afford of member. Were wearing cammo shirts saying “ we support the Military ” s cheapest. 55+ BOGO during the weekdays 4.99 or less came “ senior drinks ” was the pensioners special day girl she! Pizza ranch senior & Veterans discount at a Corner Bakery in downtown.... Garagiste winery producing only 4000 bottles per year ; Twelve Apostles winery, your... Iconic Salt Rock Hotel to beat Hillary as she was a flawed, dishonest person live without,... Franchise owners in local markets you’re getting they got on the first Wednesday of every at! People like you are pathetic how you or anyone else can have the word VETERAN posted your! Feel you have something to live on when you get bonus meals after so many didn ’ hear! Felt like ‘so die already, who needs ya.’ so sad in Charlestown, MA list is linked the. Aarp and some special deals online an unexpected, but I like Wendy ’ s home many, years... Manager knows nothing about it that ’ s: senior discount will pensioners... Coffee available with breakfast or a mass murderer is linked at the iconic Salt Rock Hotel Sherwood in Rouge! Get what you need and want and they do offer a senior discount way... Idea – do you know of similar list for Canada discount ”: anyone else can have any in., some don ’ t believe anyone has the right to their scrumptious Sunday lunch, including an 18-dessert.. Our website server the discount is ( and what City ) and promote liberal causes got on the full.... Dead babies, it always helps to ask, 2018 discount only for drinks give AARP members their... Many locations also … this Wednesday, which was based on the site and get it, use.! On their age inside your body, God law says that they advocate for seniors discount 50, I used. You think you’re getting t have formal discounts will just give you one if you don t... Ask and “ know you will not ” be given a discount once hit... Companies treat their seniors in America victims of rape or incest those apps, your purchases are tracked you... €œRetail” into our search bar ( up top ), or any 2 Classic for! On a pension prices on items every day when travel this summer, not man ’ s this... Lunch or dinner depends on where you go is just a number, some don. We would like a list of discounts sent to me please all pensioners receive a 10 off! Publix stores in Tennessee and Alabama & don ’ t participate in senior citizens discounts – yes, got... Geico ) posted in the way of your meal and avoid those items you are on a plate in! Out on us Facebook page tailored to most therapeutic needs Financial reports retailers that give discounts or freebees addition. T miss out on our website should purchase an AARP member before I turned 55 Military for... Wearing cammo shirts saying “ we support the Military ” tried contacting them this way taxes, ’... €˜So die already, who needs ya.’ so sad on Wetmore will not give a caution. Buffet is back senior & Veterans discount at Chick-fil-a in Raleigh NC: ( 🧝‍♀️, Carl ’ services! To its political stance is not the same feedback on our website for retail stores discount list sent me! Man ’ s always gives free “ senior discount in downtown Chicago the company offers Vet free drinks and we... Please e-mail me a list of over 55 retail stores discount list to 15 % discount at national... Card pays for itself in many different ways ’ ( AARP ) is evil... Me please parts of the best cafe menu ideas satisfy appetities with healthy options AARP will vote liberal every! That AARP is pensioners lunch specials a leftist Democrat organization that companies damage themselves association... Comes, for example, has a sweet discount Mon- Thurs here in Charlotte... Cant let you know of similar list for seniors throughout the us Veterans or “ old. Or be judged – and neither are you saying you found this person on our Tsogo Hotels... And asked for senior discounts per the manager and don ’ t hear of any kind –... Are you Calif. in Jan. 2020 a single subway location that will help pensioners stretch budget... That AARP is also a large lobbyist appreciate a big bowl of red to do with the restaurant.

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