FINRA’s fee proposal to the SEC would boost member firm fees from gross income, trading activity, number of reps, registrations and qualification exams, according to the SEC filing. In mid-2012, FINRA proposed increases to several fees. We also note that The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (“FINRA”) Funding Portal Rule 200 and FINRA Rule 2210 include certain content standards with respect to communications with the public for funding portals and broker-dealers, respectively. In addition, there are fees to be paid to FINRA for filing and fees associated with court proceedings. For instance, it bumped the minimum fee for advertising-related filings from $100 to $125 and from $500 to $600 per expedited filing. BrokerCheck is a trusted tool that shows you employment history, certifications, licenses, and any violations for brokers and investment advisors. ADVERTISING REGULATION DEPARTMENT REVIEW LETTER Org Id: 45995 March 30, 2020 Hartford Funds Distributors, LLC 690 Lee Road Wayne PA 19087 Reference: FR2020-0318-0104/B Link Reference : FR2020-0121-0070 1. Under the new proposal, however, FINRA would assess a minimum filing fee of $1,575 against individuals for separate expungement claims, which could be greater depending upon the claimed monetary damages. On March 20, 2020, FINRA announced in Regulatory Notice 20-10 that it has amended FINRA Rule 5110 (the “Corporate Financing Rule” or the “Rule”). n. guarded.A hedge fund’s manager generally has authority to access and transfer the fund’s assets. You may wish to read FINRA’s investor alert, which describes some of the costs and risks of investing in funds of hedge funds. Certificate of Elimination of the Series A Convertible Preferred Stock of THE NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. Certificate of Incorporation; Certificate of Designation of Series A Convertible Preferred Stock of THE NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. All sales of securities in Florida must be made by a properly registered Dealer (Chapter 517.12(1), Florida Statutes) or by someone utilizing an exemption provided by Chapter 517.12(3), Florida Statutes. This authority can potentially be misused. The amendments institute substantive, clarifying, organizational and terminology changes, while preserving the basic principles of the FINRA corporate financing Rule and FINRA equity. Floating Rate Fund Retail Fact Sheet (#1766148) Rules: FIN 2210, FIN 2212, SEC 482 2 Pages Total Fee: Florida does not require any Notice filing fee, or consent to service for Rule 506 Filings (Offerings), Chapter 517.07(1), Florida Statutes. of fees. Non-FINRA member firms, issuers, or controlling persons must file the Form U-4 on behalf of each salesperson directly with the Secretary of State together with the filing fee.

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