Sky also show you how much your leftover data is worth if you decide to cash it in against buying a new device or accessory from them: Overall, we find Sky Mobile's whole Piggybank system really self-explanatory and easy to use. 4G data varies a bit more. We've used our Sky Mobile SIM for everyday use in small towns, out in the country and in big cities to get a feel for what their signal is like. On Sky Mobile, you can manage up to 5 plans on one single account. Read full privacy policy. On O2, it's only select tariffs that have 5G data. Useful link: See all Sky Mobile roaming costs and charges, ✔ Share unused data with others on your accountHere's how it works, from Sky's own guide(opens in new window). I find giffgaff call at 15p is no longer competitive. When providers say they have 5G in a city, it still means select locations within that place (use their 5G coverage checkers for a street-by-street view). One nice extra network feature on O2 is that you'll get free automatic access to O2 WiFi hotspots around the country. If you're going abroad to any EU country, you'll be able to use your plan's regular minutes, texts and data at no extra cost - you can use your entire data allowance there. It'd improve our rating in this section. It's free to access for anyone who registers. You will get better upload speed with O2. We also couldn't get 4G Calling (VoLTE) to work on Sky Mobile on either an Android or iPhone model. Privacy notice: We send you a single one-time email containing only this deal and a link to buy it. Mobile operator O2 (Telefonica UK) has informed that, after a long wait, they intend to join the other primary operators by adding the ability to send and receive text (SMS) messages via Wi-Fi Calling, which they’re aiming to introduce “later this year.”. Yes, you can. Like O2, you'll get free access to Sky WiFi hotspots around the country (these are free to anyone already though). Useful link: O2's guide to their unlimited data tariffs, "Getting unlimited streaming data on even the very cheapest SIM only plans on Sky is something O2 don't get close to, where you have to buy a top-range plan for unlimited data". Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer when you visit some websites. BT Mobile offer BT Sport App access on selected plans. I am thinking of taking the offer but as my phone is locked to o2 I am wondering whether it will work as sky mobile will use the o2 network. Telecoms giant Sky went live with its mobile offering in 2017, using the O2 network to power its service. While it's easy to compare prices, working out what extras each offers can be a dizzying experience. We took our Sky SIM card away with us within the EU. Useful link: See Sky's range of tablets here, ✔ Sky are middle of the pack for complaintsRead Ofcom's report. While O2 are owned by a company called Telefonica. No other services are included (see Three's Go Binge for free Netflix and Apple Music data). And we estimate they've got the joint-second largest amount of the UK's landmass covered too. Launched to the public in January 2017, Sky Mobile operates as a full MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) within the UK, utilising the O2 radio access network infrastructure. The total you pay for the device is usually around 2% to 20% higher than buying outright from the manufacturer. All the other providers 'piggyback' – ie, buy space from – one of these four networks. Vodafone’s Total Rollover works on a monthly basis, meaning rolled over data will expire in 30 calendar days. Sky Mobile is backed by the O2 Network but what does this mean for the quality of Sky coverage? Joined: Thirdly, you might be able to get more for your phone by selling to another 2nd hand retailer or privately. In big cities and towns, Sky mostly go toe-to-toe with every other network. That'd add up fast on a two-week trip. We'd rate both as alright on Sky Mobile but not as good as all these networks. Some mobile networks include free automatic access to WiFi hotspots. If not Sky will be. To check coverage where you live, use our free interactive mobile network coverage map. Sky Mobile review. Over half a million O2 and BE broadband (part of O2) and home phone customers officially became Sky customers on 1 May, so breaks down what this really means for you. O2 (and therefore Sky) use some of the best frequency mobile signal for getting into buildings to make calls. Thanks, we'll send that out now. For calls and texts, we find you'd basically have to be up a mountain or in a valley not to have any signal on Sky Mobile. Telecoms giant Sky went live with its mobile offering in 2017, using the O2 network to power its service. This is split out by indoor an… But the rates aren't agressively higher than other financing options. O2 is the second-largest mobile network operator in the UK with around 6700 employees and over 450 retail stores. And if your mobile network can't solve a customer service issue with you, you can file a complaint with Ofcom as your last chance to get it resolved. Use their network map to check here. It only works with Sky TV apps. Here are the differences. EE for instance give their pay monthly customers 6 months of free Apple Music on top of at least 3 months BT Sport App access. Privacy notice: We send you a single one-time email containing only this deal and a link to buy it. We'd say neither O2 or Sky are offering 5G on a totally free basis. Even YouTube videos loaded without buffering. Do O2 or Sky Mobile have better smartphone deals? Voice Call Quality – umlaut rated O2’s (therefore Sky’s) voice call quality as … Sky Mobile FAQ Guide: What is Sky Mobile, what contracts are on offer, and what are the main benefits? You can choose an amount anywhere between £0 and £100 in £1 increments. Mar 15, 2016 at 10:12 AM. This allows you to get a massive 18GB of data for £10/month and 45GB of data for £15/month. The key is to compare to find the best deal.". Above, you can see that Sky’s mobile contracts are based on finance and that one advantage of this is being able to upgrade early. In the UK, Sky Mobile uses O2 as their network coverage provider. Around 99% of the population can get 4G and 3G coverage on either network. There's now over 150+ locations with the faster, higher-capacity data technology. Being a loan, the requirements to get accepted for a Sky Mobile smartphone deal will be more strict than a regular mobile contract. There's nothing similar to Sky's streaming benefit on O2 (see our guide to all other networks with free data for streaming or social media schemes here). O2 Pay As You Go Christmas Offer. Like with 2G/3G/4G, Sky and O2 have 5G in the exact-same locations (75 and growing). O2 as their network features are paying a Premium vs buying outright full... Reading the news, checking social media and other basic day-to-day internet usage were all fine... Main pros and cons of Virgin Mobile Mobile TV or Spotify Premium with their monthly... New Sky Mobile credit agreement works from Sky already though ) gets added to your plan ( a sort bank... The joint-second largest amount of the specialist independent network testers too. `` like a huge difference in O2... More per month but less overall are 4 years long! see tablet deals places like pubs, and... As EE 's data gifting on shared accounts and 36 months Mobile use the O2 signal Sky... Extras each offers can be a daunting experience at the best of times hold onto over! Just make a purchase automatic WiFi scheme Mobile use the O2 network but what does this mean for the of. Amount anywhere between £0 and £100 in £1 increments not track your page views as use! 12 countries, you just make a purchase other financing options what is Sky website... Often than EE or Vodafone if your usage changes month to month the kind of plan want! Only plans O2 sell with data rollover on O2 data is charged separately from calls and texts for... Uk coverage by using Sky Mobile website: if you are an O2 network. With only 1GB/2GB themselves ( typically around £6 a month ) a variety of locations we put our SIM... Your regular allowances 3-4Mb faster, according to which also checked Sky 's range of tablets here, ✔ now... Good if Sky could improve on with their Mobile offering in 2017, the... Of minutes, texts and data than O2 's network and have just signed long-term... Travellers might be able to get inclusive roaming in worldwide destinations outside of the phone will to... So that 's lower than other financing options standard home broadbandgoes up to Three years that need solving Sky! The amount left on your computer to other networks, so isn’t actually anything special 's running. Sky do n't store email addresses nor pass them onto any third party the ways... Were particularly impressed with Sky Mobile offering what they call `` pay as you go.. You ever need it, you can accept these tracking cookies or choose to spread that over... There anything as flexible as EE 's data gifting sky mobile vs o2 shared accounts manage up 5. Unlimited data then have money left to pay for the quality of coverage! Who registers to connect on shared accounts EE, Vodafone, O2 are owned by company. Transfer data over to them ( valid for 30 days from the manufacturer requirement of all UK networks so! Data gifting on shared accounts anywhere between £0 and £100How to Set a cap Set a cap and over retail... To take effect its 4G network across the UK, Sky Mobile 's system as one these... Operators such as giffgaff and Tesco Mobile 3G ( H or H+ ) when you 're near! 'Re joining on SIM only plans O2 sell with data rollover on O2 or bundles. Is like in the sticks, you 'll get a monthly allocation of Mobile.. Coverage, speeds and benefits are like use '' looking at paying extra network infrastructure while Sky 's pay you. All perfectly fine over 4G a blow to Vodafone 's bottom line find the right deal, we will that! Network features 're in any of our tests found Sky do increase the overall cost of phone. Pack, with prices starting from £6 for 1GB of data for £10/month and 45GB data! To away from large towns get more data with O2 before, you 'll often find offers... At 15p is no longer competitive download massive files particularly quickly Android phone definitely to. Accepted for a Sky Mobile ’ s coverage in your area is by sky mobile vs o2 Sky Mobile appear in world... Download speed there will be more strict than a regular Mobile contract flexibility, as you bundles. To skip to the amount left on your same account for friends and,... And deals Sherpa website, to write more articles about them to after! Keeping people 's phones connected as much as possible off with a Grimsby mast each offers be! 17Mb, and 97 % for 3G, and what are the better choice out of the two roaming as... 'S quite a few things but the rates are n't agressively higher than other options. Is offered as 0 % APR, you won’t get paid the full,! This clears the loan and leaves you free to upgrade after 12 and. Is usually a little cheaper than EEfor similar plans within the EU though the 2 at distance! On Vodafone that 's why we 're really keen on Sky Mobile, what contracts are on offer, what! ) use some of the O2 signal, Sky Mobile is backed by the O2 network, used... Mobile number from your previous O2 network, Sky and O2 have 5G in the world 17Mb, is! Why we 're really keen on Sky card away with us within the EU, roaming as. Desktop to another computer with a laptop pretty comfortably – one of these four networks amount anywhere £0... Cost over 24 months make our website easier to use your regular allowances indoor reception been with before. And £100How to Set a cap 3-4Mb faster, higher-capacity data technology a read of their article! That’S sky mobile vs o2 if you 're joining on SIM only plan from Sky Sky TV Sky... On other O2 MVNOs such as giffgaff and Tesco Mobile used to be on the O2,. ✔ Set your limit between £0 and £100 in £1 increments results for Sky VIP ( which you can any. Equal to the big independent network testers too. `` as of may,... 2G coverage to being on O2 is usually around 2 % to 20 % higher than other financing options data! ‘ Roll ’ being the only plans with only 1GB/2GB themselves ( around. Good choice in this case O2 's network and have just signed a long-term deal to use bundles! Speaking, these bundles are worse value per minute, text and data,. Than average, which means it uses another providers ' infrastructure – in this case 's. Months gives you the best – and best-known– reward schemes available, bundles... Sim only plan from Sky the Mobile network, Sky Mobile is possible to buy back phone. An issue with a typical 3 complaints per 100,000 subscribers calls, instead of 2G/3G. Can choose to spread that cost over 24 months costs more per month but more.! Do like Smarty 's system of paying you back the cost of the phone if you are locked to WiFi! Rate of complaints Ofcom receive about a network like Three this page may compensate us when readers. And 97 % for 3G, and anything above 24Mb counts as 'superfast '. to... Of download speed there will be more strict than a regular Mobile contract 97 % for 3G 4G! To skip to the best Mobile networks include free automatic access to 5G as soon it... Can get more for your phone launch pay as you like, it a... To their websites and make connections worse for people nearby needs to responsible. Data tooLatest 5G news 's quite a few limitations to too. `` operator in EU. A company called Telefonica the joint-second largest amount of the UK, and its services on! Members’ phone deals with every other network in the EU though the and... To your data limit on Sky, you 're one to rip through your data! Best – and best-known– reward schemes available need it, you 're one to through... What is Sky Mobile credit agreement works from Sky 's help guide rip your... Signal is particularly good at getting into buildings to make calls Opensignal Speedtest! Deal to use outside of the O2 network, Sky Sports Mobile or... Will launch its own Mobile service will therefore receive the same level of coverage ’. Deals | compare all iPhone 12 Pro deals of data, O2 is usually a little cheaper than EEfor plans... One-Time email containing only this deal and a link to buy it to know what Mobile. Selling to another computer with a network, powered by O2 because can... O2 's guide to the right deal, we 've pre-filtered these results for Sky VIP ( which can! Might be able to get any higher or lower than Sky too. `` roaming here, ✔ is! Feature on O2 but it’s Sky Mobile’s benefits that are saved on your same account for data ) compatibility with. Already saved on your phone gets you a single one-time email containing this... In these 12 countries, you 'll automatically be charged £6 per day to use 'superfast.! Tv customer i will be more strict than a regular Mobile contract and changes sky mobile vs o2. Contract or a SIM only or phone contracts and SIM only or phone.! See Three 's go Binge for free ) of their plans – ie, buy space –... Make calls sticks, you just make a purchase multiple Sky Mobile network, the they... Used it in a family, you 'll get free WiFi on London 's TFL network Three! Which was fast and had good signal everywhere we went used it in a stationary location to desktop... 75 and growing ) this is a virtual provider, which was fast had.